Three Poems by Mary McMyne

blakemnd“I hadn’t heard of the Reverend Robert Kirk before I read Mary McMyne’s poems, but I soon became fascinated with this figure, a man who wrote “The Secret Common-wealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies” in 1691. And I became fascinated as well with McMyne, who crafts stunning verse that relates Kirk’s history in the relatively small space of each poem.” ~ Poetry Editor Shaindel Beers (more…)

Box of Nazi

by Christopher Allen

July 13 Ten minutes till Glee. I’ve ripped the plastic off a new box of tissues. Fluffed the first one up. Popped popcorn. Finn’s just died in real life, but he’ll always be a football-playing tenor in syndication. The glee club are going to nationals again today. Afternoon reruns. I’ve seen this one six times. […]

Father Dunne’s School for Wayward Boys #6

by Kyle Hemmings

One late blue September afternoon, Charley and I broke into Father L’s desk to steal the answer sheets to tomorrow’s pre-algebra test. Instead, we found his red-inked list of boys who would never be saved, never make it to heaven. There were five of them. Peter’s name was at the top. When we arrived back […]


by Edward Mc Whinney
Dandelions by Dana Bryson

Once I was a man of few words even if behind it my mind was feverish. Not many moments of calm, though I learned to keep quiet. I lived in a room overlooking the pier and a field of dandelions. The dandelion spoke the advantages of taking root as well as flying and how to […]


by Jim Krosschell

“A letter from America was waiting for me at school this morning, from Mom, saying that Gram Krosschell had died.” This was an entry in my journal on March 22, 1976, in Chungmu-si, South Korea. I don’t remember receiving that letter. It was a long time ago. But I can reconstruct how that moment would […]