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American Dreamtime | Robert Warrington

America was discovered by an entrepreneur,
on a business trip with Spanish backing.

Before that it was discovered by a Welsh prince,
in a Celtic myth that came true in Alabama.

Before that it was discovered by a Viking chief,
who built a longhouse in Newfoundland.

Before that it was discovered by an Irish saint,
whose crystal visions appeared in Virginia.

Before that it was discovered by a tribe
who left stone-faced enigmas in the Mexican jungle.

Before that it was discovered by the unknown ancestor,
the skeleton in the Columbia River.

Before that it was discovered by Siberian hunters,
who migrated from Russia when there was a land bridge.

Before that it was discovered by animal spirits:
the small wild horse and the woolly mammoth.

Before that it was the American Dreamtime,
insect-humming with possible futures. 

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