Seen Through Glass | Monika Elise Nagy


I noticed four scenes, through the warbled glassoon.

The first was a silvery sliver of moon

that smiled and sighed and licked off his spoon,

that he'd used to stir cocoa, yester'afternoon.


The second was only a flat silhouette

of a slim little twig, where a tiny bird set.

Unable to pinpoint the make or the model,

I looked through pane three,

when my heart went full throttle!

Now as I have mentioned, the light had done shone.

Still, on top of the periwink blue, there it glown-

A star like a diamond had punctured the skies

With the knife she kept tucked in her corset with ties.


The order of things was flirting with chaos.

My mind was ablur with the wherefores & gloss,

of a star that was brighter than daytime and sun,

when I happened to catch the small bird on the run!


The zipp! to the hover,

her moves would uncover

the sugarplum dust

of ms. hummingbird's gust.


I fancied the show had been put on for viewing

By sparkle-winged monsters of sharp wonder-cueing,

The moon and the outline made love and gave birth

to the star and the hummer of infinite worth.


Each of these coldmorning unfrozen moments

Was seen through the four telling crystal-like docents-

who led me through images liable to stain

On the morning I woke up and looked through the pane