Postcards from a Cold Place  Karina Borowicz



Yesterday, tried to draw a line between

refrigerator's hum and sky in kitchen window


Realized they're different condensations

of the same emanation.   Wish you were here.


* * *


Penlight watchworks adaptor plug

Winter Palace key chain:


making great strides on apparatus

crows no longer resent scrutiny.


* * *


Snow hitting asphalt. In a black and white world

the eye races: a streak of blood!


* * *


Cruel recurrent dream: alter ego raises bees

on lush volcanic island


Wake drooling Madeira, tongue studded

with tiny transparent wings.   


* * *


That ruffle – imagined memory

a flying grasshopper cupped in my hands


Or will the green pulse always be true

on the edge of my palm?


* * *


Addition of kitchen window and refrigerator bulb

means apparatus set for flight


A volcanic streak has recurred

across the transparent sky.


* * *


In all-black or all-white dreams

cruel crows ruffle lush snow


hunting sleeping bees.   I wake, altered

some emanation cupped in my hands.


* * *


My tongue has scrutinized the hum

at the asphalt's edge.


A palm-studded island

has condensed in my green eye.


* * *


Wings of a tiny memory racing

I imagined you were here


suddenly as a grasshopper.