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The first problem is the "Contrary" above the content. Why is it called Contrary, you might ask, when some of its content isn't? We have a contemplation to confront this contradiction: we insist that all of our content is contrary. And, we insist, so is all of yours. Doesn't it seem possible that all content is contrary, that there is no for, there is only against? Why else does the word contrary, so openly against something, have no antonym? What opposes contrary? Nothing. That which opposes contrary, by opposing, becomes contrary.
Besides, we tend to think contrarily, and we hope our magazine expresses contrarities that otherwise might go unexpressed: writings and images that confront entities, voids, and the edges of their own categories. As for that poetic nothing, the "Journal of Unpopular Discontent," we conceal our dreams in the double negative, hoping to become a journal of popular content.

Jeff McMahon

Poetry Editor
Shaindel Beers

Fiction Editor
Frances Badgett

Review Editor
Cynthia Newberry Martin

Associate Editors
Shevi Berlinger
Laura M. Browning
Dana Dunham
Patrick Sheehan

Copy Editor Emerita
Henriette Shapar

Design Consultant
Andrew von Engel

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Contrary was founded at the University of Chicago by students and alumni of Chicago’s Master of Arts Program in the Humanities. It now operates independently and not-for-profit on the South Side of Chicago and publishes writers from throughout the world. If you would like to support Contrary writers and Contrary literature, you may do so by making a donation, a microdonation, or book purchases through our Writers Fund.... One-hundred percent goes to compensate our writers.

For general inquiries, please write to the chicago office at chicago at contrarymagazine dot com. Please do not send submissions to this address.

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